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Apologies and Big Changes: Finding a Job in Health and Wellness

Okay, okay. I get it. I owe you guys an apology. It’s been several months since my last post, and for that I’m sorry.

But! I have some exciting news to share, and hopefully you’ll forgive me.

As you may or may not know, I experienced a slew of health issues about a year ago. After finding my way through them with the elimination diet and helping others do the same, I realized I had unearthed my passion for nutrition and the role food plays in our overall health and wellness. I found I was happiest when cooking healthy meals, writing posts about elimination diet-friendly dishes, and chatting with others about their own food challenges. I ultimately came to the conclusion it was time to make some changes in my life so that I could better align my personal interests with my career.

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Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl with Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi, Banana, and Spinach

Maybe it’s the smell of spring and the rush toward long, sunny summer days.  Maybe it’s the upcoming trip to Kauai with Kevin.  Or maybe it’s just my body telling me I need to up my fruit game to boost my vitamin C levels.  Whatever the reason may be, I CANNOT stop thinking about this smooth, creamy tropical green smoothie bowl packed with pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana, and spinach.


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Arugula Salad with Baked Chicken, Strawberries, and Pecans

Salads have a bad rap. They’re often viewed as punishment. They’re what you force down your gullet when you’re trying to repent for the half-dozen Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies you downed the previous evening. They’re relegated to the “I’m-on-a-diet-so-I’m-only-going-to-eat-lettuce corner.” They’re what you eat for lunch for 17 days straight every January (does this resolution sound familiar?), until you bite into a juicy, bacon-topped cheeseburger after a few weeks and sigh with contentment.

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Elimination Diet Recipes and Menu Ideas

When my doctor told me I should go on an elimination diet to fix the nasty reflux issues I’d been experiencing for months, I nodded in agreement.  I mean, it sounded great.  Ridding my body of nasty toxins and all of the things that were causing inflammation and excess bile?  Count me in!

As we got into the details and she listed out all of the things I wouldn’t be able to eat for a couple of months, my head stopped nodding and started spinning as I quickly tried to come up with a short list of what I’d be able to eat.  Which, in a moment of sheer panic, I had deduced was pretty much only rice, beans, and lettuce.

Once I actually dug into the details (which you can find here in my guide to getting started on the elimination diet), I realized there were plenty of options for well-rounded, healthy and filling meals on the elimination diet.  And so I began to put together a list of elimination diet recipes and meal ideas.

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Easy Chicken Soup with Vegetables and Rice

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, there’s nothing I want more than a ginormous vat of chicken soup.  I’m talking an industrial-sized vat, loaded with veggies and a healthy serving of rice for good measure.  I’m a firm believer in the whole, “chicken soup is the ‘Jewish Penicillin’ for your cold” thing.

In addition to its magical healing powers, this easy chicken soup is a cinch to throw together.  Meaning you’ll be able to promptly go back to burying yourself under the covers with reruns of Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

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